Do you ever think you’re “chubby” and then look back to when you thought you were “chubby” and you were actually a tini-tiny pretzel stick compared to the thick sour dough pretzel that you are now? Yeah that’s been a slow progression for me over the past year or two. Weight literally creeps up on you, especially when your family eats like mine does.

I’ve always eat a lot, and although I knew I wasn’t huge, I always felt like the bigger friend in the group.  Thinking back, I don’t think I ever started eating anymore than I had before, its like my body stopped in its tracks and 18 years of calories hit me like a truck.

In the past year I’ve gained probably over 50 pounds. That’s like a 2nd grader. An EXTRA SECOND GRADER ON MY BODY.

Excuse me, what?

Someone must have been shoving cheeseburgers and corn syrup down my throat while I was sleeping. Only explanation.

Let’s be real. I knew my clothes weren’t fitting. I knew that my muffin top was now a belt of banana bread loafs. I knew I wasn’t confident.

After months and months of wrestling with my will power, I’m finally on track with a diet. I’m not gonna act like it’s easy. Its not. And I’m not gonna act like I didn’t have chips, salsa, and queso at La Finca Mexican Restaurant the other night. But I had MUCH less than normal, so, cheers to me. On a regular basis though I have been eating much less, much healthier, much more normal than my old eating habits.

Oh and I’m not gonna pretend that eating that celery and peanut butter didn’t leave me even hungrier afterwards.

Changing habits, no matter what it is, is no joke. It’s a habit for a reason. So don’t beat yourself up after you splurge, cheat or lust over a bowl of cereal. Don’t make yourself skip out on your birthday dinner or Thanksgiving. Eat your favs then back to food bootcamp the next day.

Small changes that can make a big difference

  1. Reminding yourself before ordering at a restaurant, making yourself a meal, or getting fast food or whatever, that you are eating for a purpose other than “bc its great and it tastes awesome”. You’re eating to fuel your body. Eat/order just enough to fill you up, not spill you over. Eat things that tastes good but more importantly isn’t comparable to deep fried butter.
  2. Planning. Packing your lunch before school or work will make your life so much easier. When you have to think of something to eat right on the spot, you’re more likely to eat something a million miles from your diet.
  3. Cucumber and celery are ur buddies!!! They aren’t as filling on their own but when paired with lunch or dinner you feel like you’re eating much more food than you really are. Idk it makes me feel better.
  4. Switch out your pop out with water or green tea. My FAVORITE ever is the Kroger brand diet green tea. It’s so refreshing but not boring like water. (next goal, learn to love water)
  5. STICK 2 IT!!! If you mess up and cheat, do not wait until tomorrow. Restart immediately after you indulged yourself. I’m extremely guilty of cheating on one thing then going hog wild the rest of the night; only to mess up again the very next day. Stand strong, forgive yourself but be assertive to yourself!!

Guys I’m not perfect, I’m a Free Meal Baptist living in a family of good cooks. I’m gonna struggle, fail, and fail some more, but this time, I’m not giving up.


Sincerely, Erin